Trading securities

Trading on the domestic market

Company ZENIT kapital o.c.p., a.s. operates on the domestic and foreign capital markets. The company ranks among the fastest growing dealers in securities, as evidenced by a significant increase of new customers. That says much about trust of our existing clients.

Commission contract

Securities trading are realized on the basis of commission contract. The minimum trade volume or number of transactions carried out is not limited.

Foreign exchange operations within the investment services

ZENIT kapital o.c.p., a.s. within the investment services provides to customers foreign exchange operations related primarily to the purchase and sale of investment instrument denominated in foreign currency, respectively the payment of revenue associated with the investment instrument. M Securities o.c.p., a.s has direct access to the interbank foreign exchange market in cooperation with major banking institutions. Therefore the company is able to ensure for their customers effective exchange rates, without having to pay high transaction fees.

Trading on foreign markets

ZENIT kapital o.c.p., a.s., offers its clients trading in securities on foreign markets in the United States (NYSE, NASDAQ) and the titles of most developed western European stock markets (FTSE, DAX, CAC and others).

ZENIT kapital o.c.p., a.s. offers mainly buying and selling U.S. stocks, U.S. stock options and other equity derivatives, European shares, European options and exchanged traded funds (ETFs) and their derivatives.

The company provides as well services of buying and selling securities in emerging markets in Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia). The company plans to provide their customers with trading financial instruments of Eastern European companies.

Bond Mediation services

ZENIT kapital o.c.p., a.s. provides its customers with the option of investing in fixed interest bonds and Treasury bills.

The bonds are traded on domestic and foreign markets, in primary auctions and secondary market.

Bonds as the investment instruments are suitable for conservative investors, preferring a safer form of investment and a more secure form of retaining the value of money.

On the domestic capital market, our company deals with a wide range of bonds issued, representing mainly government bonds, municipal bonds, bonds issued by major domestic corporations and mortgage bonds.

On foreign markets our company mediate for our customers buying and selling eurobonds issued by major global financial institutions or corporations denominated in major currencies, i.e. GBP, USD, JPY.

Furthermore, we can arrange for our customers the purchase and sale of bonds issued by the Central European countries in their national currencies (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary), which provide an interesting interest rate differential against the investments in Euros.

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