Portfolio management

Characteristics of Portfolio Management

Objective of Individual portfolio management is the evaluation of client funds. Portfolio Manager complies with the conditions defined by the client in the investment strategy. At the current market it is necessary to have considerable experience, expertise overview of the many factors affecting the price of assets. Not less important is to have enough time to track the necessary information and evaluation. Because of those reasons many investors are turning to investment professionals who have everything necessary for successful trading in financial markets. As a result, investors may not follow the daily developments in global financial markets.

Who is portfolio management suitable for?

Portfolio Management is designed for anyone. The portfolio manager acts according to the agreed investment strategy arranged with the client.

What assets is portfolio management focused on?

Through portfolio management it is possible to invest to any asset in the world. It is possible to participate on development of stock market in Europe and USA, on development of Asian and South American economies, as well as investing in bonds and other assets. According to the expected rate of return is chosen a suitable type of investment instrument.

Conservative clients require a minimum of risk of investing.  Moderately conservative clients require a higher yield than the conservative approach and thus are in higher risk. Clients who require a much higher return than the first two types of clients are called aggressive investors and their investments are associated with the highest risk.

Of course there is the possibility of tracking portfolios through a web application on the Internet, where clients will find all necessary information about their property.

Clients are regularly informed on developments in the portfolios through the monthly statements (electronic or written form).

Investment Strategy

Investment strategy is a "framework" fixed given by the customer that must be followed. In the framework of investment strategy can also be more parameters agreed, as for example investments into the selected areas or selected investment instruments. For strategies conducted in foreign currencies are used to ensure against the movement of exchange rates (hedging).

Investment process

After consultation with portfolio manager is the investment strategy selected. The portfolio manager manages according to the requirements of the client the portfolio, to reach maximal appreciation.

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