Personal broker

Why to use service of personal broker?

Every investor, who invests his financial resources in capital markets, has some needs. Some of them expect from their brokers only their orders execution, some of them prefer consultations, others demands investment recommendations.

All of these investors may use services of personal broker in ZENIT kapital o.c.p., a.s. for free, where they have safety of individual approach and accuracy. Client is in this way contacted by his broker accordance to his demands and requests. In case of any query he is able to contact his broker by his own.

Cannot monitor new information?

Your personal broker will inform you about all fundamental market trend changes, new reports and eventually may offer you the possibility, how to react on these reports or changes, immediately.

Are you too busy to control your portfolio and to communicate with your broker?

Broker will contact you only in that case, if he has actual investment opportunity for you. Our clients are also investors with minimum free time. They can login to client´s interface through website and read important news and check actual status of their portfolio or financial account.

When can you use services of personal broker?

Broker can help you to choose the best investment opportunity for you with respect to your investment intentions. You have the possibility to prosper from wide options of products, which differ in potential gains, risks and financial accessibility. Every client, regardless of his investment points, may use service of personal broker.

Why to use service of ZENIT kapital o.c.p., a.s. broker?

In our company has every broker as many clients as many he is possible to contact in short time. It cannot happen, that broker is too busy for his client or he forgets to call him. Client is informed about all important information every time.

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