Bonds issues

What is bonds issue?

It is a form of loan, in which financial resources are granted by bonds owners – investors.  Bond issue is for investor (company, which issues bonds) opportunity to gain foreign sources for financing its own activities.

Why is for investor bonds issue better than loan?

From investor´s view has bonds issue several advantages:

  • Bonds issuer may be any legal entity
  • Issuer creates conditions of drawing and repayment of financial resources, setting the amount of interest, the duration of bonds issue etc.
  • Issuer gains financial resources from more investors, which means possibility to gain higher amount of financial resources
  • Issuer may issues bonds in parts during the term of bonds issue, which means possibility to control the supply of financial resources by his own demand
  • Issuer may receives financial resources from his business partners, affiliate companies, employees or any person or legal entity
  • Issuer is free of difficult and long loan equipment process
  • Issuer raises his prestige

Our experiences

ZENIT kapital o.c.p., a.s. has been administrator of 23 bonds issues in total amount of 302 million EUR from its constituting. In 2006, M Securities o.c.p., a.s. was administrator of bonds issue admitted to Bratislava Stock Exchange´s Regulated Free Market.

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